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Who is this man?

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There is a man in my life that I’m sure I’ve had a life with because of his familiarity.  There is something about him I really don’t like and he give me the willies because of the things he does.  Sometimes I think he is either following or stalking me because he shows up at parties I attend, as well as other events such as football games.

Josephine H Beal from Aurora, SD

When I look at this man’s energy he is looking for some kind of past life completion with you, and he’s not aware of this.  But knows there is some connection to you.

It feels like he feels he was jilted in a relationship in a prior life and wants you to make it up to him.  You need to let him know that you’re not interested in him.  Then ignore him.


This is creepy.  How does past life stuff com forward?


When past lives are not complete in some form we can bring the energy back to finish and complete it.  And this is what he is trying to do.



How do you see past lives?

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I had a friend call me and tell me that you were able to read a past and future life for him, and that it was awesome.  He said everything you told him in both of these lives felt true to him.  How do you see past lives?

Christine Croft from Madison, WI.

I am in a meditative trance state when I do readings.  For past life and future readings I ask to see them and they show up.  What usually shows up first is what I call scenery.  Buildings, furnishings, surroundings such as trees, flowers or whatever is showing for this part of the reading.  If I’m not seeing the person in the life I start looking for them.  Once I find them I watch, look and read who they are, what they are doing, what period of time it is, what they are learning, and any other information that shows itself.


So can you look at me and tell me what you see for me?


Yes.  There are two lives showing.  One is a male life.  The other is a female life.  Which life are you interested in knowing something about?


The female life.


The female life is in Scotland about 1200 AD.  There are only a few buildings and people.  It is very quiet except for nature sounds that are all the way around me.  I see sheep.  I see evidence of primitive farming.  Now I am hearing footsteps and I’m watching to see who it is.  It is a man of about 20.  He is carrying what looks like something wrapped in cloth.  He stops.

About a minute later a young woman shows up.  No more than 16 years old.  He takes off his hat and smiles at her.  She shyly dips her head and looks up at him.  He hand her the cloth and she opens it.  Inside is a gold coin.  She shakes her head ‘no’, and hands it back to him.  He frowns.

What I’m getting is that he is trying to buy her.  What I mean is that she is losing the property that has been in her family hundreds of years and he is offering her a way to take care of the debt she owes so she doesn’t lose it.  She declines because this would mean she would have to give herself to him.  Either in marriage or with her body.


Wow!  That certainly means something to me.  I’ve always felt that I couldn’t lose anything that I own to the point of obsession.  Now I think I can explore this further and let it go because I’m not in danger of losing anything, and have never been in this life.  Thanks much for this reading it really freed me.


You’re welcome.


Psychic Readings & Energy Healings

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